Strategy Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience in the laser and photonics industry Optech Consulting assists companies in business development and M&A.

Business development

We provide analysis and an independent view on target markets. Our consulting is focused on diversification and product development. With an in-depth understanding of markets as well as technologies we assist you in the development phase of novel products. Often, we will be able to address your project mainly based on our
in-house data. If additional information is needed we can evaluate that efficiently by customized market research.

Investment and M&A

We assist you with due diligence based on the understanding of the key issues of markets an technologies. Based on numerous overview market reports on laser and photonics markets we offer sector and segment mapping for identifying investment opportunities.

Finding investors

We have contacts to private equity companies, individual investors and business angels seeking to invest in the laser and photonics industry. Please contact us for details. We assure strictest confidentiality.

ansoff matrix

Optech Consulting’s work is mainly focused on the right hand side of the Ansoff matrix.

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