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The International Laser Marketplace is an industry symposium on markets and trends in laser materials processing.

Worldwide leading experts discuss international markets and market trends as well as new applications and technologies.

The symposium attracts industry professionals including decision makers and senior executives across the laser industry, from component manufacturers to laser manufacturers, system integrators, end users, and investors.


The International Laser Marketplace was founded in 1992. It was first held in conjunction with the Euroblech trade fair in Hanover, Germany.

In 1995 the Marketplace moved to Munich, Germany, and is since held in odd-numbered years in conjunction with the biennial LASER World of PHOTONICS trade fair.

Since 2012 the Stuttgart Laser Marketplace is held in even-numbered years in conjunction with the biennial LASYS trade fair.

Marketplace Seminars


International Laser Marketplace, held biennially in Munich

14th International Laser Marketplace - June 2019

13th International Laser Marketplace - June 2017

12th International Laser Marketplace - June 2015

11th International Laser Marketplace - May 2013

10th International Laser Marketplace - May 2011

9th International Laser Marketplace - June 2009

8th International Laser Marketplace - June 2007

7th International Laser Marketplace - June 2005

6th International Laser Marketplace - June 2003

How it began: 1st Laser Marketplace - October 1992


Stuttgart Laser Marketplace, held biennially in Stuttgart

Coming up - Stuttgart Laser Marketplace ‘20 - June 2020

Stuttgart Laser Marketplace ‘18 - June 2018

Stuttgart Laser Marketplace ‘16 - June 2016

Stuttgart Laser Marketplace ‘14 - June 2014

Stuttgart Laser Marketplace ‘12 - June 2012


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