8th International Laser Marketplace

The industry forum for markets and strategies in laser materials processing.

Focus on markets and trends, new applications and technologies.

Essential information for professionals and decision makers.

Date: June 20th 2007

Venue: International Congress Munich

Conference Chair

Franz J. Gruber, Editor in Chief, EuroLaser

Dr. Andreas Thoss, Editor in Chief, LaserTechik Journal


8:45 Begin of conference

8:45 Global market for industrial lasers – Will fiber lasers drive future growth?
David Belforte, Belforte Associates, Sturbridge, MA, USA

9:15 Recent advances in DPSS lasers and their use in fast growing application areas
such as solar cell, FPD and micro processing
David Clark, Newport Spectra Physics, Mountain View, CA, USA

9:45 Coffee Break

10:15 Multi-kW diode lasers challenge solid state lasers in welding and cutting –
New lasers push process speed and performance
Dr. Christoph Ullmann, Laserline, Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany

10:45 Fiber laser performance and economics – Status and trend for low power,
high power, pulsed lasers
Dr. Per Stenius, Liekki, Lohja, Finland

11:15 Laser marking, engraving and cutting – A system integrator’s assessment
of fiber lasers, solid state lasers, CO2 lasers
Dr. Andreas Penz, Trotec, Wels, Austria

11:45 Coffee Break, Refreshment

12:15 Micro processing, cutting, spot & seam welding – Solid state and fiber lasers
compete for best performance
Dr. Michael Schmidt, Bayerisches Laserzentrum, Erlangen, Germany

12.45 Laser system markets – Status and trend

Strong market growth for laser materials processing in Japan
Dr. Kunihiko Washio, Paradigm Laser Research, Machida, Japan

Demand for laser systems reaches record high – growth shifts to Asia, emerging markets
Dr. Arnold Mayer, Optech Consulting, Tägerwilen, Switzerland

13:30 End of Conference

The spoken word shall prevail.