Customized Market Research

Understanding markets is essential for operational and strategic decision making.
Market analysis for high technology products requires a thorough understanding of products and technologies.
Optech Consulting’s strengths in market research comprise:

  • Thorough understanding of laser and photonics products, technologies and markets based on 25 years of experience
  • Thorough understanding of relevant end industries
  • International scope of market research. Laser and photonics markets are global, as even small companies often sell their products worldwide. Likewise, Optech Consulting’s market research is global.
  • Market forecast
  • Market research for existing and novel products. Many of our customized research contracts concern new and disruptive products.
  • Competitive environment, competing technologies, customer requirements, purchasing criteria, etc.
  • Market attractivity, SWOT, Five Forces, etc.
  • Optech Consulting offers customized market research in conjunction with strategy consulting.

Worldwide Research

Optech Consulting has served clients in more than 20 countries.

Optech Consulting has carried out field research with face-to-face interviews in most European countries, in America, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Russia. We have acquired information in many other countries by phone interviews and by co-operating with local consultants.

Our Methodology

We base data acquisition on direct discussions with industry experts along the value chain. In conjunction with the analysis of secondary material this leads us to a well founded asessment of present and future markets. Depending on the scope of the analysis we apply trend and panel methods. Expert interviews are also an important tool for strategy development, as new ideas and often emerge from discussions.