High Power Laser Systems for Materials Processing

Optech Consulting market report on high power laser systems
Optech Consulting report on High Power Laser Systems

New Report – Published December 2019

The Optech Consulting market report
covers the markets for high power laser systems
(machines using a laser of 1kW or more for materials processing).

– Number of pages: 137
– Number of market tables: 31
– Number of diagrams: 10

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The Report Offers

– Market data with unmet detailedness
– 31 highly detailed market tables provide by far more information than any other report
– Accurate market data based on numerous expert discussions worldwide
– Market forecasts based on thorough understanding of technologies and applications
– Indispensable information for operative and strategic decision making, merger & acquisition analysis

– Base year of market data:
    – 2019
    – data for 2017 and 2018 provided for reference
– Market forecast
    – for 2020 based on current economic trends
    – to 2025 based on long term growth analysis
    – full set of data provided for each year in between

Details on Markets

– Highly detailed breakout for market data and forecasts:
    – Full cross segmentation by applications, system types, and laser types used for each year (2017 through 2025)
    – Applications areas
        – Cutting
        – Welding
        – Brazing
        – Surface processes
    – Single applications and system types
        – 2D cutting – flat sheet cutters
        – 3D cutting hot formed – gantry systems
        – 3D cutting other – gantry systems
        – 3D cutting – robot
        – Welding car body – scanner
        – Welding car body – seam
        – Brazing automotive
        – Welding – automotive power train
        – Welding non-automotive scanner
        – Welding non-automotive seam
        – Surface processes – cladding
        – Surface processes – hardening   
        – Surface processes – ablation / cleaning
    – Laser types used on the systems
        – Fiber lasers
        – Disk lasers
        – Diode lasers
        – CO2 lasers

Market Data and Forecast by Units and By Value

– Market data by units
– Market data by value:
    – Market data by value is based on clearly specified currency exchange rates
    – The impact of the exchange rate shifts in 2019 (USDEUR, USDJPY) has been taken into account

Suppliers and Market Shares

– Market shares and information on suppliers
    – For standard cutting systems
        – Market shares for all suppliers with a noteworthy market share
        – List of more than 50 additional, smaller manufacturers with indication of laser types they integrate
        – Profiles of all suppliers with noteworthy market share
        – Major relevant products for all suppliers with noteworthy market share
        – Estimate of relevant segment revenues for all suppliers with noteworthy market share
    – For customized systems
        – List of major manufacturers

Markets by Geography

– Market breakout by geography
    – Market data for more than 30 countries for the high power laser systems market
    – Market data for more than 30 countries for the flat sheet and tube cutting systems market
    – Market data for more than 15 countries for the 3D cutting and automotive welding systems market
    – Major clients for high power lasers (system integrators): standard systems, customized systems

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